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Jack Duncan's journey through the world of percussion and Afro-Cuban music is truly remarkable. It all started when he picked up the Conga drums at the age of 14, and from that point on, his passion for the instrument only grew. His dedication to understanding the history and cultural significance of the Conga drums led him on a global quest for knowledge. It's impressive how he sought out opportunities to study with master drummers such as Dou Dou N'Diaye Rose and Petit Toure in West Africa, where he delved into the nuanced traditions of Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Gambia. This immersive experience provided him with firsthand insights into the cultural significance and historical context of the percussion instruments he dedicated himself to mastering. The meticulous nature of his research extended to his studies in Cuba, with renowned entities like The Conjunto Folklórico Nacional de Cuba and Los Muñequitos de Matanzas. His work with legendary Cuban percussionists, including Changuito, Anga, Julio Davalos, and Regino Jimenez, exemplifies his commitment to understanding the nuances of Afro-Cuban music at its source. Jack's dynamic and sophisticated percussion playing has earned him a National and international reputation. He has been sought out by many top artists in North America (Chicago, Donna Summers, Ricardo Lemvo & the Makina Loca) to contribute his unique skills and experience for both stage performances and studio recordings. Jack was a featured performer at the Havana Jazz Plaza Festival with the late Pucho Lopez and has performed with world renowned musicians including Chucho Valdes, Arturo Sandoval and J.J Johnson. He is also a founding member of Hugh Fraser's Vancouver Ensemble of Jazz Improvisation (VEJI) and performs with John Korsrud's Hard Rubber Orchestra, Orquesta Goma Dura, Drum & Light Orchestra and Zapato Negro. Jack has appeared on over 60 CDs, receiving a Juno Award for his work on Alpha 'YAYA' Diallo's album "The Messenger". Jack's impact extends beyond performances; his role as an expert scene advisor for television productions influencing visual storytelling through his expert understanding of music and culture. The fact that he contributed to the soundtrack of the Grammy and Oscar-winning animated movie Ratatouille is a testament to the breadth of his influence. With appearances on over 60 CDs, including a Juno Award-winning album, Jack Duncan has left an indelible mark on the world of music. His journey is a testament to the power of passion, curiosity, and the pursuit of excellence.

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